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HuP Solar One Battery Maintenance

Following are guidelines for maintenance of the HuP Solar-One Battery. Your previous knowledge of lead acid batteries may not require this much attention, but remember, the more interaction you have with the battery (The Heart of the System) the better service life you can expect from your investment.

The HuP Solar-One warranty, as it pertains to records, only requires that “reasonable records be kept”. Use your best judgment.


  • Record hydrometer reading of pilot cell (the cell with the lowest specific gravity when you first received the battery. Once a year select a different cell to be the pilot cell)
  • Check the water level of all cells (add as needed.) Use ONLY DISTILLED WATER! Using tap or well water will void your warranty.
  • Record Amp/Hrs consumed.
  • Inspect connections for corrosion (clean as needed.)

Every 2 Months

  • Record hydrometer readings of all cells (after the battery is fully charged.)
  • If the average readings are less than 1.275 – 1.285 check all charging sources and adjust as needed.
  • If one or two cells read 20 points more or less than the average, circle those readings and check for improvement at next monthly reading. If the low cells do not improve, the cells are in need of an equalize charge, specific gravity adjustment or internal inspection.
  • Check water level (add as needed.) Use ONLY DISTILLED WATER! Using tap or well water will void your warranty.
  • Record Amp/hrs consumed.
  • Record battery temperature.
  • Clean battery with a damp cloth. (If battery tops are wet with acid, use neutralizing agent with a clean paint brush, rinse and dry thoroughly.)
  • Equalize the battery
  • Inspect connections for corrosion and tightness. Clean and tighten as needed


  • Re-torque all terminal bolts.

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