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My Geo Metro Project page. . .

I bought this 1995 Geo Metro for $375 from a guy that got it from a Police Auction. The Driver's side was smashed pretty bad and the rear crossmember was crushed. Digging into the police report, apparently the driver was drinking and decided to run from the Police...yea...
He ended up crashing the car into the curb and side-swiping a post. Damage done: 3 cracked alloy wheels, front quarter panel smashed, driver's side door smashed, front/rear struts bent, front arm bent, rear arm bent, rear crossmember crushed.
I went to the junkyard and spent $108 buying all the replacement parts needed to make it look (almost) new again.

My goal is to make the metro get the highest mileage possible without sacrificing driveability/comfort. That means I am not going to gut the interior to save 20lbs in weight :-).
1995 Geo Metro

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