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PDA Development

 JETcalc -Calculates Horse Power and Fuel Jet sizes!

Shareware: $10

This little application allows you to calculate Fuel jet sizes and Horse Power from Nitrous & Fuel pressure and Nitrous Jet sizes.
I couldn't remember, and didn't want to commit to memory all of the nitrous/fuel jet sizes and combinations so JETcalc was born.
It is designed for a 'Wet' system, but can calculate horse power given a nitrous jet size for those just running a 'Dry' system.

Version 1.2 - Added ability to calculate multiple nozzles for Direct Port applications

Download PRC

Download Zip

Don't have a Palm? Here is the Web version
Nitrous Oxide Jet Calculator - JETcalc n2o NOS venom Zex palm

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