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Robie the Robot

Since I was a kid, I have always had an interest in Robots and electronics. I had read many books and publications on the topic, and even taken a couple classes on the subject. Back in the ealy '80s, Radio Shack came out with a line of robot toys -Robie the Robot- and at the time, I thought this was great, a robot with my name! But, at the time, the only one I could afforf at the time was the Robie the Robot Bank.

Now that I can actually afford these toys, they are very hard to find-I see them on Ebay all of the time, but I seem to get out-bid most of the time. I have found other toys with the same name, and pick them up when I can.
I have had a couple people contact me saying that will sell me one-but then they seem to want an arm & a leg for them. "No thanks" is what I usually tell them. On the flip side, I once got an email from a lady in South Dakota- She would send me one if I paid for shipping! And that I did- Thanks Jackie!

I received an email from Bernard "Bernie" Appel, the original creator of the Robie The Robot toy line. He just wanted to say 'Hi' and sent me a link to his site: Appel Associates

Robie the Robot bank
Robie The Banker- Made by Radio Shack in Singapore out of plastic, and battery operated. when a coin is put into his hand, and the hand is pushed down, the robot lifts his hand and his mough opens, the coin slides right in. The robot then starts to rock back and fourth, followed by his tounge coming out and licking his lips. There is a switch on the bottom that puts the Robot into Demo mode. This just causes it to loop the same function over and over.
Robie the Robot Remote Control
Robie- Custom Manufactured for Radio Shack in China. Battery operated and remore control. This unit has a single button control that when pushed once, causes the robot to move forward. when pushed a second time causes the robot to spin in place to allow for basic steering. 5" tall
Robie Junior Robot Radio Shack
Robie Junior-The Robie Junior Remote Command Intelligent Robot is made by Radio Shack in Singapore. It is plastic, and is battery operated, and works by remote control. The remote control has both a manual control and a follow function that when set, will have Robie follow the controller. The remore control is sonic based. His face also flashes. There is a bump guard on the front base which allows him to turn if he encounters another object and say "Oops, Excuse Me", "Let's go", "Hello", and "I'm Robie Junior". 11" tall.
Robie the Robot Silver RadioShack
Robie Robot is made by Radio Shack in Korea. Remote control has 1 function, push the button once, he moves forward, push the button a second time, he moves in reverse and at an angle-this allows for basic steering of the unit. His arms move back and forth manually, and his face flashes. 9.5" tall.