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Robotic Arm with an Internet Interface and Webcam

Currently offline pending repairs

With over 70,000 control sessions, the robotic arm has 2 stripped clutches and 1 gear that has been completely polished clean of all of the teeth. Repairs are being made and the arm will be back up soon.

How does it work? - Really quite simple!
The Robotic arm is the OWI 007 Robotic Arm Trainer with the 007 / PC Arm Interface. The Webcam is an Ezonics cam with a Java interface for viewing.
The Computer system in a Premio 200mhz Pentium PC running Windows 98 with Personal Web Sharing. The server application software is the Developer edition of WebCatalog 3.0.8 from SmithMicro Software
This project was designed to be 1. CHEAP and 2. EASY!
The CHEAP is very cheap:
  • $59 for the Robotic Arm
  • $65 for the PC interface
  • $39 (with a $39 mail in rebate from BestBuy) for the Ezonics Webcam
  • $100 for the Premio Computer, 14" monitor, keyboard & mouse (used! Cost this back in 1999)
  • $0 for the DEV edition of WebCatalog 3.0.8
  • $224 TOTAL
I think I have the cheapest internet controlled robotic device on the planet!

The EASY is very easy: The Code is very simple, there is a single line of dynamic code that executes every movement, and a meta refresh that stops the arm after 5 seconds of movement. Build time- about 4 hours to build the Arm from kit form, 1 hour to play with the arm and learn how the PC interface worked, another hour of playing ;-), and about 10 minutes of code time.

Here are some of the stats of the arm:

  • Five Axis of motion:
  • Base can rotate left and right -350 degrees.
  • Shoulder moving range - 120 degrees.
  • Elbow moving ronge - 135 degrees.
  • Wrist rotate CW and CCW - 340 degrees.
  • Gripper open and close- 55 mm (2.2 inches) - 0.
  • Product Dimensions- Maximum length outwards - 360 mm (14.2 inches).
  • Maximum heights upwards- 510 mm (20.1 inches).
  • Lifting Capacity- Maximum 130g (4.6 oz.) Power.
  • Power Source: 4 "D" batteries(has been upgraded to a 12V DC adapter-I kept the dead "D" batteries in the base for weight)
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