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Robie C Blair


Thirdera - Remote, 7/2022 to Present

Senior ServiceNow Technical Consultant – Security Operations

Clear Skye - Remote, 7/2021 to 6/2022

Product Development

ServiceNow - Remote, 9/2018 to 4/2021

Security Operations Consultant/Technical Consultant

Provide consulting/implementation/project management, design and develop custom solutions on the ServiceNow platform for new and existing customers.
Utilize Agile methodology for project management.
Implementation/customization of the Security Operations applications suite (Security Incident Response, Vulnerability Response, Threat Intelligence, Safe Workplace Suite) utilizing NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
Skills: Application Configuration/customization (using ServiceNow UI, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML)
3rd Party integration (SSO-SAML & OKTA, LDAP, MID-Server Configuration, Web Services - SOAP & REST API, Splunk)
Workflow Configuration
Report development

NucleusHealth/Statrad - Remote, 6/2018 to 9/2018

Senior IT Engineer

Working with cutting-edge Teleradiology practices and technologies, assisted company Radiologists, external clients, medical doctors (MDs), and Radiologic technologists from over 250 hospitals nation-wide, delivering on-call support as the business offered medical cloud-based solutions which were expected to be operational around the clock, with an utmost priority to provide superior patient care at all times.
• Analyze, resolve and perform root cause analysis for serious systems failures and issues that impact the performance or functionality of NucleusHealth systems or cause serious issues in providing services to our customer base.
• Configure, troubleshoot HL7 interfaces.
• Ensure the operational health of a mission-critical environment across the IT infrastructure
• Provide technical consulting and assistance for teams and projects as assigned.
• Identify opportunities to improve and automate work to improve outcomes and reduce cost.
• Define and document IT policies, procedures, and standards related to supported systems.
• Ensure compliance to IT standards, policies and software licensing.
• Directly support internal and external customers.
• Troubleshoot customer issues and record appropriately in JIRA.
• Install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot client servers
• Liaison between technical and non-technical client contacts

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (formerly SilverSky/Perimeter E-Security/USA.NET)- Colorado Springs/Remote, CO 2/26/2007 to 6/2018

Senior Professional Services Engineer

Project Management: Migrate Corporate email servers from around the world to the Denver data center.
Data Loss Prevention/Insider Threat Protection/Zero Day Protection/Targeted Attack Protection (DLP/ITP/ZDP/TAP): Subject matter expert on creating specific security policies and logic to help prevent private data loss from corporate environments, along with creating policies that help prevent against outside attacks. Create compliance based policies to meet the following: Accountability, Archiving, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), SPF/DKIM/DMARC, Anit-Spam, Phishing, Spoofing. Specializing in Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 Server migrations with extensive knowledge of Exmerge and PowerShell.
Perform custom IMAP migrations on non-Exchange email servers.
Extensive knowledge with SharePoint WSS3.0, STSADM, and SharePoint Designer. - Perform SharePoint migrations with extensive knowledge of debugging CMP files and XML documents that are created with SharePoint. Develop custom tools to take information from one format and transfer it to another
Update proprietary systems via LDAP interfaces and XML APIs
Create scripts in Perl, VB, and WebDNA to convert and import information into functional formats.
Experienced with Microsoft SQL & Oracle SQL Developer
Experienced with UNIX and VI.

FrontRange Solutions, Inc. - Colorado Springs, CO 9/20/2004 to 2/23/2007

Business Application Analyst - Supporting ITSM and the GoldMine/HEAT APIs through various programming languages, such as: Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio .NET, VBScript and XML.

GoldMine® Certified
HEAT® Certified
ITSM Foundations I, II & III
DiscoverNET® Certified
Experienced with Microsoft SQL 2000 & 2005 Servers
Site Administrator for Company Support forums - http://Forums.FrontRange.com
Help Desk Analyst

BlairCraft, LLC. - Colorado Springs, CO 1/1/2006 to Present

Owner & Founder - A startup consulting company that specializes in Photography, Web Hosting, Development and Design.

Manage customer sites and help promote them with the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Prototype design/development for everything from Internet based robotics and GPS enabled applications to Content/Campaign Management and Nitrous Jet calculators.

Consulting for hardware and software needs for startup companies

RTR Performance - Colorado Springs, CO 1/1/2000 to Present

Owner & Founder - A startup consulting company that specializes in custom performance car parts

Specializing in custom welding, design and prototyping of turbo manifolds, supercharger mounting brackets, suspension related components, dedicated wiring harnesses, and ECM Air:Fuel ration/Timing tuning. Expert with Haltech systems.

Idea Integration Corp. - Houston, TX 5/20/2003 to 8/10/2004

Application development - Interface with staff, senior management and company clients to develop web-based syndication models of online marketing promotions.

Train employees on the use and functionality on Campaign Management toolsets.

Troubleshoot client and in house technical issues via phone & email support

Fulfilled On-site contract requirements for HP located in Colorado Springs.

Developed dynamic content management for multiple store fronts on e-commerce websites.

Create tracking reports and help with trend analysis to better execute future promotions

Perfect Commerce, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA 1/17/02 to 5/16/2003

Professional Services Engineer - Interface with staff, senior management and company clients to develop web-based syndication models of online marketing promotions.

Currently fulfilling On-site contract requirements for HP/Compaq(HPQ) located in Colorado Springs.

Develop dynamic content management for multiple store fronts on e-commerce website.

Developed custom online interface for HP/Compaq to help senior staff visualize targeted campaign strategies when implementing marketing promotions across multiple store fronts.

ICSDNA, LLC. - Colorado Springs, CO 80919 1/2001 to 11/2002

Founder and Director of Web Technology - Primarily resposible for setting the vision and leading the technological development of the company and it's customers projects, and ensuring coordination and collaboration across all company resources.

Web-Designs.net - Pittsboro, NC 27312 2/2001 to 12/2002

Chief Technical Officer - Primary responsibilities include assuring that contractors perform the technical requirements of contracts, issue written interpretation of technical requirements of client designs and specifications. Define, develop and deploy an IT architecture that maximizes revenue, minimizes costs, helps get and keep IT aligned with business goals and provides a firm, flexible foundation for the future.

DMCare, Inc. - Colorado Springs, CO 80919 6/01 to 9/01

Senior Web Developer - Primary tasks included interfacing with nursing staff, senior management and company clients to prototype and develop web-based education material for insulin-dependent members of the www.diabetesmanager.com product site. Education product elements were ADA(American Diabetes Association) certified.

Palm Developer - Specialized in wireless Palm application creation and product site integration. Product developments include Bolus, Nutrition, Carbohydrate calculators, and a 'Fast-Food' Carbohydrate/Nutrition calculator.

Sandia Advertising & Design - Colorado Springs, CO 80903 2/01 to 6/01

Web Developer - Web programming and implementation for web sites. Responsible for designing and creating web site logic and flow based on owner requirements.

Inform Worldwide Holdings - Colorado Springs, CO 80907 11/98 to 01/01

Manager of Web Technology - Primary responsibilities include leading IT group to analyze, design, and implement solutions for all departments within the company. Maintains communication flow with clients and other network staff through reports, technical proposals, presentations and briefings. Overall designer of managed projects, reviews technology and make decisions about what to purchase/outsource and what to build in-house.

Web Developer - Web programming and implementation for E-commerce based web sites. Proficient in the use of SmithMicro's WebCatalog, Experience with Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages). Proficient in the following: WebDNA, HTML, WML, XML, and ASP. Responsible for designing and creating web site logic and flow based on owner requirements. Made recommendations based on prior experience to help owner with difficult structure issues. Responsible for creating, modifying user email accounts, server maintenance, and abuse deterrence.

WAP Developer (Wireless Application Protocol) - Implementation of Wireless capabilities for providing Internet communications and advanced telephony services on digital mobile phones, pagers, personal digital assistants and other wireless terminals.
Nokia WAP-based applications and services
(Member of the Nokia WAP Developer Forum- - www.forum.nokia.com)
UP.Developer Forum on WML/HDML/WAP programming
(Member of the Phone.com WAP Developer Forum- - www.phone.com)
Ericsson Forum on WML/WAP programming
(Member of the Ericsson.com WAP Developer Forum- - www.Ericsson.com)

Network Administrator - Responsible for in-house communications network planning, wiring, maintenance, troubleshooting, and setup for all user's computers.  Responsible for designing, configuring and installing LANs and WANs in multi-protocol network invironments.  Used mixed OS platforms within network including Microsoft Windows 98-NT4.0, Macintosh OS 7.5-9.0, and Cobalt OS 4.0 LINUX.

Technical Consultation - Responsible for analyzing technical needs for other clients, and researching all possible solutions, designing detailed hardware/software requirements, and implementing needed solutions.

DNS Administrator - Responsible for all domains pointing to DNS server, setup of MX, PTR, and Address A records. DNS administration done on Cobalt RaQ2 web server. Responsible for IP address allocation management for client workstations, and server web sites. Web Sites hosted on Windows NT4.0 using IIS, WebStar on Macintosh, and Cobalt RaQ2 Web Server.

Web Security Specialist - Create authentication protocols for administrative users. Insure that specific security issues are covered when implementing a new web site design or network topology. Make sure that all servers are current with latest security patches and work-arounds. Instruct users of potential security issues and avoidance tactics by teaching the most common and advanced attack types.

Projects - Developed the following projects for this company:
AnythingPC/Mac/UNIX websites - eCommerce website with realtime inventory control
AnyReminder - Personal reminder service with eCommerse and Advertising revenue structures
Mapas Latinos/Mapas Y Datos - Colombian Geo-location website. Integration of ESRI Mapping data and protocols to web-based interfaces. Experience with Tremble GPS equipment & protocols. Built prototype web controlled robotic arm for remote gas pipeline maintenance & surveillance.

MCI Worldcom-Colorado Springs, CO 80919 6/98 to 11/98

Customer Applications Support- Responsibilities included telephone support for proprietary CD-ROM based billing software, dial-up accounting, and Internet based report generation. All software was Microsoft Windows 95-NT4 platform based. Was tasked to analyze the possibility of creating a Macintosh based solution for report generation. Was successful with two separate solutions.

Voelker Research Interests - Colorado Springs, CO. 80918. 6/96 to 6/98.

Apple Certified Macintosh Repair Technician - Responsible for diagnosing and repairing hardware, software, and network problems on Apple Macintosh, UMAX SuperMac, and Motorola StarMax CPUs.  Experienced in the setup and operation of Internet PPP, TCP/IP, Web Browsers, and SMTP accounts.  Experienced in the maintenance and repair of LaserWriters, Impact Printers, and Inkjet printers.  Experienced in the alignment and repair of Monochrome and Color monitors. Continuously troubleshot problems over the phone with both experienced and novice users. Travel on-site to setup and teach customers how to utilize their computer and software effectively.

Electronic Systems International - Colorado Springs, CO 80910 4/96 to 6/98.

Field Service Technician - Responsible for installing telephone, Local Area Networks (CAT5), and security systems within various companies around the State of Colorado. Responsible for setting up video surveillance equipment and fulfilling TELEMAC contract (Telephone, data Moves-Adds-Changes) at Digital Equipment Corporation. Using a DecVAX1200 to update connection database.

Apple Computer Inc.- Fountain, CO 80817 4/93 to 3/96.

Apple Technical Coordinator - Responsible for diagnosing and troubleshooting software, network, and hardware problems incurred on the Macintosh platform. Promote regular backup strategies for individuals and servers. Encouraged the use of desktop technology to increase productivity within a workgroup. Experienced in Ethernet and PhoneNet (LocalTalk). Troubleshoot problems over the phone for other shifts when needed.

Inventory Controller- Responsible for assessing the daily production report, planning the daily build for a systems manufacturing line, entering and updating transaction screens including completions, suspensions, scrap, material movements, and expense transactions on the AppleTOES system-an online real time business and inventory system.

Awarded Apple Technical Coordinator of the month

AVX CORPORATION / Kyocera Corporation- Colorado Springs, CO 80906 2/89 to 4/93.

Clean Room Engineer- Responsible for the operation/maintenance/design/development of Automated Framing Robots, insuring proper parameters programmed in using SQUARE D and MOTION SCIENCE controllers. Designed prototype replacement parts. Experience on an Electrode Application Screener. Made precise measurements and calculations in order to calibrate a Pneumatic/Hydraulic press for the manufacture of integrated ceramic capacitors for Intel Corporation.

Submitted multiple idea disclosures and was awarded for one that saved thousands of dollars in equipment.
Awarded Employee of the month twice.


University Of Phoenix - Bachelor of Science in Business and Computer Information Systems program

Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, CO - Majored in Mathematics, Astronomy/Astrophysics, Computer Science

Widefield High School, Security, CO - Graduated May 21,1988