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Research & Development
This is the page that has a couple of the development tools I have created to test functionality for some of my clients, and to see if others could just be done.

Nitrous Jet Calculators These calculators will calculate fuel jet sizes and HorsePower (HP) based on jet sizes and Nitrous Oxide & Fuel pressure info. The Desktop version even calculates estimated 1/4 mile times.

Internet Robot Webcam(Might be offline-try back later)

IP Address - Get your IP address, Browser and top level ISP info.

URL Character converter - Tool for web Developers that need to get a Character converted--Includes ASCII, URL, Base64

Meta Tag changer- Changing the content allows you to update meta tags globally on your web site. View the source to see the meta tags changes.

Zip Code LookupLook up a city by Zipcode(prox coming soon)

Romantic Pet Name Generator - click the button and get a random pet name. Try it on your lover and you will get lucky!

Job Title Generator(Includes terms for new Job hunters) - Made for that job hunter that needs something to spice up their resume

Buzzword Generator(Includes Location and Wireless terms) - Made for that executive that needs to write a cool Press Release.

Spam-Fight - Designed to clog up email address gathering robots with hundreds of fake email addresses. Will not stop them, but it will slow them down.

Excuse Generator - Create excuses that defy reason with our reality-bending excuse generator. Leave them bewildered and questioning the world around them.

Insult Generator - This is one of the best insult generators out there.

Shakespearean Insult Generator - This is one of the best Shakespearean insult generators out there.

Things Search Engines like---worthless, but effective.