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Mustang Cobra Home - Production numbers - 2004-2004 Cobra Specs - Ford 4.6L engine specs -

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 2 0 0 3 - 2 0 0 4   F O R D   C O B R A   T E C H N I C A L   D A T A
(This data is specific for '04 Coupe, but is similar for '03and Convertibles)



90-degree V-8 32 Valve DOHC
Bore x Stroke: 90.2mm x 90.0mm
Displacement: 4.6 liters / 280 cid.
Horsepower: 390 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Torque: 390 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm
Redline: 6,500rpm
Comp. Ratio: 8.5:1
Cylinder Block: Cast Iron
Cylinder Heads: Aluminum
Crankshaft: Counterweighted Forged
Valvetrain: Double Overhead Cams, chain drive to exhaust cams, secondary chains from exhaust to intake cams, roller finger followers with hydraulic lash adjustment, oval-wire beehive-shaped valve springs, four valves per cylinder
Intake Valves: 2 per cylinder, 37mm head diameter
Exhaust Valves: 2 per cylinder, 37mm head diameter
Ignition System: Distributor less coil-on-plug
Fuel System: Sequential Elec. Fuel Injection
Induction System: Eaton Corp. Gen IV Roots-type supercharger with water-to-air intercooler
Boost Pressure: 8.0 psi maximum
Intake Manifold: Cast aluminum, tuned equal length runners
Throttle Body: 57mm Twin Bore
Mass Air Sensor: 90 mm diameter
Exhaust Manifolds: Cast Iron
Exhaust System: Dual, stainless steel, 2.25-inch diameter, 3.0 inch polished exhaust tips


Transmission: TTC T-56 6-speed Manual
Clutch: 11.0-in. Single Plate
Gear Ratios:
1st:  2.66 4th: 1.00  
2nd: 1.78 5th: 0.80 Rev:2.90
3rd: 1.30 6th: 0.63  
Driveshaft: Aluminum, w/Hardened Yoke & U-joints
Rear Axle: 8.8-in. Limited Slip Differential; 3.55:1


Front Suspension: Modified MacPherson strut system with gas-charged Bilstein monotube dampers and separate 600 lb./in. coil springs, 29mm tubular stabilizer bar
Rear Suspension: Multi-link independent, cast iron upper control arm, aluminum lower control arm, fixed toe-control tie rod, aluminum spindle, gas-charged Bilstein monotube dampers, 600 lb./in. coil springs, 26mm tubular stabilizer bar


Type: Rack and Pinion, power assist
Gear Ratio: 15.0:1
Turns, Lock to Lock 2.5
Turning Diameter 41.7 ft.


Front: 13.0 in. (330mm) vented Brembo disc, PBR twin-piston caliper
Rear: 11.65 in. (296mm) vented disc, single-piston caliper
ABS: Four channel, four sensor system.


Wheels: 17 x 9 in., Five spoke, Cast Aluminum-alloy, machined surface, exposed lugs, optional chrome wheels available
Tires: Goodyear Eagle F1, P275/40ZR-17


Wheelbase: 101.3 in. (2,573mm)
Length: 183.5 in. (4,661mm)
Height: 52.5 in. (1,336mm)
Width: 73.1 in. (1,857mm)
Front Track: 60.3 in. (1,530mm)
Rear Track: 60.3 in. (1,530mm)
Head Room: F/R 38.1 in. (968mm)
Leg Room: F/R 41.8 in. (1,062mm)
Curb Weight: 3,665 lb (1,663 kg)
Distribution, F/R 57% / 43%
Fuel Tank: 15.7 gal.


Exterior: Oxford White, Competition Orange, Screaming Yellow, Ebony, Torch Red, Redfire Metallic, Silver Metallic, Mystichrome
Interior: Dark Charcoal w/choice of Dark Charcoal or Medium Graphite accents


- Driver and Passenger Side Airbags
- Independant rear suspention (IRS)
- Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
- SecuriLock passive anti-theft system
- Articulated front sport seats (standard six-way power for driver) with suede and leather seating surfaces; power lumbar support and adjustable bolsters for the driver
- Tilt steering wheel
- MACH 460 electronic AM/FM stere & in-dash 6-disk CD player
- Power Equipment Group: Dual electronic remote control mirrors,