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Aerodynamic Modifications

Nose/Bumper cap: This was fabricated from 1/4" coorigated lexan plastic, so it is very lightweight and strong.
Once added, the car is a lot smoother on the highways. The major difference I noticed was the ability to coast a lot further on the roads without the noticable decrease in speed.
The Coolant temp sensor stays right at the half-way mark still, so apparently the cover does not affect the cooling ability of the radiator and fan.

Side Mirror removal: Whe I got the car, the Driver's side mirror was missing, and replacing it was expensive and not on top of my priority list. So, I decided to just remove the Passenger side mirror too to ballance the look of the car. I installed a multi-mirror rear view mirror to deal with the lack or rear vision.
It took a bit to get used to, as I was constantly looking for the side mirrors, but now with the multi-mirror, I just glance in the direction to see who is on the side of me. The mirror seems to be better at showing those cars hiding in blind spots. I plan to install a couple inside mirrors to help with side-rear vision.
The mounting spot where the mirrors were is still open, but a metal or plastic cap will soon fix that issue.

Under-car shroud: Still in the works

Rear Tire skirts: Still in the works

Wiper blade shroud: Still in the works

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