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Nitrous JetCalc Home

Versions available:

Jetcalc - Web Site

Version 1.0
Contact for licensing info for use on your site. Version 1.0b Use it on this site

Current variables available:
Fuel Pressure
Nitrous Pressure
Nitrous Jet Size
Number of Nitrous Jets

Fuel Jet Size Needed
Predicted HP
Actual HP to wheels

Jetcalc - DesktopPC

Updated- 12/1/2004
Version 1.1b Download
Shareware: $20
If you have any other suggestions/formulas/etc.. that you would like to see added, let me know!
Are you a Performance related site that wants to have this application branded for your business as a Viral marketing tool? Imagine your company name, information and logos on this application!
Think of it as a virtual banner ad everytime someone uses it.
Contact me for licensing information.
    Issues, etc..
  • FIXED-Altitude adjustment (now a dropdown of tracks around the US and Canada)
  • Need to fix help Menu, included text files for now...

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