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Geo Storm Circle/Dirt track racing tips.

Here is a list of modifications that I have come up with that will appear stock, unless you disassemble everything and actually inspect it. If you have any tips you would like added, let me know!

----this pages is constantly updated.

  • KYBGR2 struts - don't waste time with Monroe are Gabriel replacement struts. The KYBs are worth their price tag.

  • Since you have to have stock springs, you might consider heating them up and re-bending them to sit lower. Just remember that this will weaken them, so don't jump any speedbumps.
    -If you have the cash, get a stock looking replacement set from SpringWorks:

  • Swap on the GSi rear crossmember and swaybar--it is a direct swap and look completely stock.

  • -modify the endlinks on the swaybars to help preload the wheels for the turns.

  • Adjust negative camber to max as stated in rules.

  • -Wheel spacers - will widen the stance. You might experiment with just having the spacers on one side of the car, or diagonal wheels.

  • Tires, tires, tires....get the good ones...
  • Replace the plug wires if they are old, you do not want to have a misfire at high revs

  • Advance timing a couple more degrees & increase octane to compensate for detonation.

  • replace all of the grounding wires in the engine bay with HEAVY DUTY copper wires and run a nice thick grounding wire to the ECM case.

  • 3angle valve job - bring the head back up to spec with a good, clean seal.

  • Port the head, intake plenum, Exhaust manifold

  • Phenolic or Teflon spacers between the intake manifold and the head.

  • Increase the compression ratio by:
    • -Shave the head
    • -Deck the block
    • -Overbore pistons
    • -SOHC: swap in the 1.6L DOHC pistons
    • -Custom pistons with an overbore and increased Compression ratio.
    • -installing longer spark plugs or boring the spark plug hole so the stock spark plug sits deeper into the chamber, increasing the compression ratio.

  • Cams:
    • SOHC - -if you don't already have one, get a 93 Base Storm Cam. It has a different profile that produces more torque-which is good for quicker acceleration out of the turns.
    • DOHC - Swap on the 1.8L cams or the 89 IMark RS cams if you have a DOHC engine.
    • -If you have the cash, get a custom Cam grind.
  • Swap on the GSi Axles. The passenger side has a halfshaft, which helps reduce torquesteer.

  • Swap in the GSi Transmission, it has a shorter gear ratio and allow for higher revs in lower gears

  • Limited Slip Differential (LSD):
    • Phantom grip LSD--should help out on a dirt track with less traction available
    • If you have the Cash, get a Quaife LSD. It is probably the best upgrade you could do to your car.

  • Brake pads-get a good set, EBC and Hawk are very good brands.

Consider a performance driving lesson: Faasst Performance Driving School
It never hurts to pick up new tips and tricks.

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