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Performance Library

Here is the place that I store much of the research I have done for my car and other's vehicles. Since some of this info doesn't really relate to my project, I thought it would be a waste not to share it with someone else.
Click on any of these links for more info,
Fuel Injector Information & Spotters guide

Fuel Injector Information PAGE 2

Transmission Gear Ratios

Engine Bore, Stroke, Rod Length, & Ratio Information

Cylinder Head Flow information

RPM of Peak Horse Power

Coilover Installation guide

Cold Air Intake Installation guide

Short Shifter Installation guide

MAP Sensor Identification

Isuzu Impulse/Stylus/IMark & Geo Storm Bearing Colors

My list of Performance Modifications for every budget

Geo Storm/Isuzu Impulse XS-RS, Stylus S-XS FAQs

Circle & Dirt Track modification tips

HP/Fuel/Engine Calculators

Geo Storm/Isuzu Impulse/Stylus SOHC/DOHC torque specs

Wideband O2 sensor information

Automotive Antifreeze/Coolant: A Comprehensive Guide

much more to come...
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