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Storm Modifications

I decided to add a rear dual Aluminium wing Spoiler, it looks cool, and makes a little bit of a difference in the turns at higher speeds. It looks kinda "Ricey", but that is the point. Mustangs like to beat up on little ricers. . .This one bites back.

I also added GTS Front & Rear blackouts. . .they really clean up the rear of the car. I am not too jazz'd about the headlight covers at night though. It is almost like not having the lights on at all. I guess it is time to convert the headlights to HID.

I got real lucky at the junkyard-found a GSi that had been there about an hour, and it was the same color!! So I took the side skirts off and put them on my car.
Front Bumper conversion
I decided that I wanted to keep with the Isuzu look when modifying the front bumper for the front-mount intercooler, so I got an Isuzu Stylus bumper and hacked the two together.
isuzu stylus bumper conversion
As you can see, it is still a work in progress as time permits.

Decided that I would hack up the stock bumper until I got a better bumper.
geo storm isuzu impulse front mount intercooler FMIC

Geo Storm isuzu impulse performance parts