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Porting the Head, Intake assembly and Exhaust

Intake Head Porting
I gasket-matched the head, intake assembly and Exhaust. It took a long time to complete-about 30-45 minutes per port on the head alone.
I took measurements with a digital caliper so that I could be as close as possible since I didn't have a flowbench available. Here are the measurements before and after for the intake:
Wide x High
Before: 48.41mm x 44.45mm   48.24mm x 44.62mm   48.48mm x 43.80mm   48.25mm x 43.94mm
After:   50.11mm x 46.16mm   50.05mm x 46.12mm    50.10mm x 46.21mm   50.09mm x 46.16mm
Exhaust Head Porting

For some reason, I only took one measurement before I started porting the exhaust side:
Before: 24.26mm high x 40.03mm wide New measurements on all holes:
26.22mm x 43.07mm   26.15mm x 43.11mm   26.25mm x 43.17mm   26.14mm x 43.17mm
Intake Secondary Porting
The secondary intake assembly is the bottleneck. The ports on the head side are around 2mm smaller than the head ports are. I ended up removing around 5mm of material just to get it port matched with the new head porting.
Wide x High
Before: 45.46mm x 43.20mm   45.58mm x 43.27mm   45.75mm x 43.58mm   45.74mm x 43.73mm
After:   50.26mm x 46.65mm   50.51mm x 46.60mm    50.46mm x 46.57mm   50.26mm x 47.24mm
Exhaust Manifold, Turbine Housing and Wastegate
I opened up the exhaust manifold ~2mm per port to match the head ports. Porting the manifold was tougher do to it being Steel.
That goes for the Turbine housing aswell. I opened it up ~2mm for a total of 46.61mm, and the wastegate openning ~1mm for a final of 18.06mm.

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