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The following information is for the 1991 Lotus Elan M100

The Lotus Elan, known as the M100 amongst Lotus enthusiast to differentiate it from the early Elans, was built to "Allow 100 per cent of its owners to use 90 per cent of its performance 90 per cent of the time." Introduced in 1989, the Elan was the first all-new Lotus since 1975.
The Elan was intended to please drivers moving up from a "hot hatch". It was instantly derided by the motoring press for lacking the tail-out handling of traditional sports cars. Sadly, it was the right car at the wrong time.
Every Elan built lost Lotus, owned by GM at the time, money. When the car was introduced to the US in ’91, it cost the same as a Porsche 911. Only 3,000 were sold world wide before a stop was put to production in ’92.
Even then the Elan didn’t die there. Lotus revived it as the Elan S2 in ’94 with a limited run of 800 to use up remaining engines that had been bought from Isuzu. These sold instantly. There’s also a Kia version of the car that was sold in the far East until Purchase of KIA by Hundi sometime in the summer of 1999.
Click here to see more pictures of the Elan Engine
Sales Brochure complements of GGLC - lots of good info, but conflicting specs.

Acceleration and Handling

Maximum Speed 137 mph / 220 kph
0-60 mph 6.7 sec
Standing 1/4 mile 15.4 seconds
Double-lane change xx mph
Slalom xx mph
Road-Holding .89g


60-0 mph cold 142 ft.
60-0 mph warm 142 ft.
60-0 mph hot 142 ft.

Interior Noise

Idle xx dba
60 mph xx dba
0-60 mph xx dba

EPA Milage (City/Highway)

City 26.2 mpg
Highway 42.2mpg @ 56mph/31.8 mpg @ 75mph

Range in Miles (City/Highway)

Manual 372/446.4 miles
Automatic 297.6/384.4 miles

Other Info

Drag Coefficient 0.34(top up) / 0.38(top down)
The Elan generates 20 lbs of lift in front and 44 lb of lift at the rear at 120 mph.
Wheel Base 88.6 in.
Interior Volume 89.4 Cubic Feet
Car Gross Weight 2249 lbs.
Factory Colors Black, Bright Red, Flash Yellow, Silver Metallic, White
Fuel Tank Capacity 12.3 gal.


1.6 liter 4XE1-T 1588cc (98 DOHC 16 Valve(hydraulic lifters)
Water-cooled turbocharger with air-to-air intercooler
Bore x Stroke 3.15 in x 3.11 in / 80.0 mm x 79.0 mm
Power 162hp@6,600rpm
Torque 148lb.@4,200rpm
Compression Ratio 8.5:1


Gear Ratios First 3.333:1 Second 1.916:1
Third 1.333:1 Fourth 1.027:1
Fifth 0.829:1
Reverse 3.583
Final Drive Ratio 3.833:1


Front Brakes 10"/256mm diameter Ventilated Disc
Rear Brakes 9.3"/236mm diameter Solid Disc; Mechnical Parking Brake
Steering Gear Rack-and-Pinion
Rear Suspension A wide based lower wishbone and upper lateral arm, concentric coil spring over shock absorber and solid anti-roll bar.
Front Suspension A coil spring over shock that is mounted to the lower wishbone. The driveshaft passes through an opening in the bottom of the shock assembly. An anti-roll bar is also mounted to the lower wishbone.
Wheels/Tires 7.00Jx16, O.Z. Cast Aluminum Alloy/Goodyear GS-D 205/45ZR16
Turning Circle 32.2



Length 152.4 in.
Width 68.3 in.
Height 48.4 in.


Gauges The instruments are all anolog. A black background is used with red graphics and pointers. The speedo reads to 170 mph, the engine rev counter to 8000 rpm. These gauges on the main panel are supplemented by fuel level and water temperature. To the right of the main panel are separate gauges for system voltage, engine oil pressure and turbo boost. Also on the main central panel is a digital clock.
Front Head Room xx in.
Front Hip Room xx in.
Front Shoulder Room xx in.
Front Leg Room xx in.
Luggage Capacity 6.5 cu. ft.
Maximum Seating 2