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The following information is PA-Nero, IRMSCHER, Gemini History and Specifications

This information was roughly translated from Japanese. I will work on cleaning up the english as time permits.

TYPE 760
JT191 of 2nd generation was born in March of 90.
At the beginning were only 4 door sedans, but 2 door coupes, 3 door hatch-backs, PA Nero,
The PA Nero hatch-back and the variation are expanded,
Also the grade C/C, G/G, and Lotus and becomes abundant.
There are no most common points in the respective style, original.
Furthermore, with limited car and numerous minor change etc.
The model where interior and the wrapping are different exists large number.

The engine separately largely 3.
1600 gasoline 4XE1 types (DOHC16 valve, 140 horsepower) 191F type
1600 gasoline 4XE1 types (DOHC16 valve turbo 180 horsepower) 191S type
1500 gasoline 4XC1 types (SOHC12 valve 100 horsepower) 151F type
It is divided.

Here, PA Nero, the PA Nero hatch-back, 2 door coupes, only 3 door hatch-backs

PA Nero new appearance

TYPE-S (left), TYPE-X (right)


1990 (1990) May 16th, in America, GM sold the left-hand steering edition of the car which was sold as the "Geo Storm".
It was in the relationship of GM between cooperation, first, "GEO" for the Japanese car sale being similar, sold PA-NERO with the name of "STORM".
It becomes the sisters car of the Gemini coupe, but at this point in time was not as a succession car of tip generation, and it became treatment.
Next year it was sold, Nero (JT221) with it is confused, but this is another car which was sold even with ???.
It is sold afterwards, the Gemini coupe, with it becomes 3 sibling cars which share the basic body.

Especially, with the model which the Gemini coupe, the chassis, shares the engine, is suitable as for equipment it is the same, but
As for the difference with the Gemini coupe at first glance doing, way you understand, 4 light type is one of the big difference.
As for engine 1600 gasoline 4XE1 types (only DOHC16 valve) with,
It consists 2 grades of type S and type X.

Both grades, power steering, power window & door lock and one body audio, aluminum wheel
Standard it equips.
Type X the colored ria Ra, equips the 195/50R15 tire jauntily.
As for body color, ebony black, frame lead-lead, cobalt blue mica (X), flash yellow (S)
Setting 4 colors.

90 year type start car turn
PA NERO JT191F C#7100288 -
OZ JT191F C#7105833 -

Gemini coupe new appearance


1990 (1990) August 23rd, release it was done first from ???, PA- Nero's ??? edition.
The grade is formed with 2 grades of OZ and OZ-G.

1600 gasoline 4XE1 types (the DOHC16 valve) it loads the engine,
As for body color, the Bahamas green, frame lead-lead, royal blue metallic and flash yellow
Setting 4 colors.
Power steering, the power window & the door lock, the high mount stop lamp standard is equipped.

Gemini coupe hatch-back addition


1991 (1991) year February 21st, 2 door coupes in base rear side glass, glass hatch gate
Including, 3 door hatch-backs were added.
1500 gasoline 4XC1 types (SOHC12 valve 100 horsepower), 1600 gasoline 4XE1 types (DOHC16 valve 140 horsepower)
Loading the engine of 2 types.

It consists respectively 2 grades of OZ and OZ-G. In addition, the automatic air conditioner standard is equipped.
As for body color, the Bahamas green, antique silver metallic and north white, frame lead-lead,
Setting 5 colors of the mystic blue mica.

R adds to the Gemini coupe & the hatch-back

191S coupe

191S hatch-back

1991 (1991) February 21st, was setting only of the sedan, "R"
It was set to the coupe and the hatch-back.
This width as a series spreads to the machine.
As for ??????, at the manufacturer which with Opel tuning and the like, is known sport image
Strong position is given.
Especially "R" the powerful engine, 4XE1 type (DOHC16 valve turbo 180 horsepower)
Full-time it is made as the acute model of 4WD.

Sedan in the same way, in bonnet, NASA intake (accurately NACA intake), ????? -R private grey paint
The spiral 15 inch aluminum wheel, equipping ?????? and the ?? make cobra 2 steering wheel.
North white, the frame lead-lead, setting the body color, 3 colors of the mystic blue mica.

PA Nero minor change ????? - 160R adds

PA Nero - 160R

1991 (1991) February 21st, PA- Nero of ??? treatment was improved.
Former type S and type X, 160S, modifying name in 160 X.
The side door beam, the rear 3 point type seat belts and 4 speakers (160X) and the like adds.
Attendant upon that, the mark of the rear garnish, logograph was modified.
In addition, mystic blue mica color adds to 160X.

And, the Gemini coupe it was loaded onto "R" of the sedan in the same way
4XE1 type, the DOHC turbo engine, was set to also PA-Nero "????? - 160R" new appearance.

91 year type start car turn
PA NERO JT191F C#7109723 -
  JT191S C#7101760 -

Limitation car PA Nero Handling by Lotus addition

Handling by lotus

1991 (1991) May 21st, handling by Lotus was limited was sold to PA Nero.
With the Gemini sedan, as for ZZ handling by Lotus it had been sold already, but
The sedan the model where the Lotus corporation tunes suspension in the same way.

160X in base, ??? LX type seat, ?? make steering wheel, BBS make 15 inch aluminum wheel
The automatic air conditioner, the Panasonic make audio, equipping the illuminational equipped rear garnish.
As for the body color as for the sedan, was only the British green mica, but in PA Nero edition
Becomes setting only of 1 color of ebony black.
(Limited 200 unit)

New model ????? & ?????



Catalog: Handling by Lotus

1991 (1991) August 21st, specialty car "????? of ??? & ???????"
Full was changed after 10 years.

It is due to "the ??????" design of the Italian person, being gorgeous, stylish, elegant high-class inclination
It is strong, coupe style tip generation (JR- ?????) it was the largest charm in but
The 2nd generation which changed just the nose of the Gemini coupe being similar to tip generation, it does not counterfeit,
Stylish be able to give to also compliment the inexpressible styling, as ?????
Identity and charm were lost completely.

But, the engine loading the 4XF1 type 1800DOHC engine of new development.
Main skin seat of suspension and ??? which the Lotus corporation tunes, the ?? make steering wheel
The BBS make aluminum wheel (181XE/S) and the like it equipped and appealed the high-class impression but
Appraisal or topic about of tip generation were not given, became last ????? to a 2nd generation.

The grade is formed with 2 grades of 181XE and 181XE/S.
As for body color, British green mica, north white, brilliant lead mica,
Ebony black (Nero) setting 4 colors.
? of ??? specification is discriminatory with "the Nero" badge the front and the handle etc. of the seat converting.

In PA Nero hatch-back addition


1991 (1991) November 5th, the 1500SOHC engine was loaded onto PA Nero "150J"
The 1600DOHC turbo engine was loaded "????? -the hatch-back of 2 models of 160R"
Was added was set.
As for body color, ebony black and north white, frame lead-lead (150J)
The mystic blue mica (160R) setting 4 colors.

PA Nero limited car ????? - 160F

1992 (1992) May 20th, the corporation tuning PA Nero 160X in the base
The limited car "????? which it does - 160F" appears.

In ebony black and body color of torch lead-lead and ?? make steering wheel
The automatic air conditioner, audio and the sun roof, the wing type ria jauntily Ra,
????? one for -R spiral 15 inch aluminum wheel of grey paint,
Equipping the body color keyed door mirror & the rear garnish.
(Limited 100 unit, June 6th sale)

Gemini series minor change

It was changed with all modelsminor on 1992 October 29th

"Coupe & hatch-back"

The ria of new form wing type jauntily in the coupe Ra.
In coupe & hatch-back wheel cover adoption of new design.
OZ of coupe, R, 1600 OZ, 0Z-G and 1500 OZ of hatch-back
R was abolished.
All car and the meter needle in orange, meter letter design was modified.

Simultaneously PA Nero of ??? treatment minor change.
The ria of new form wing type jauntily in the coupe Ra.
Aluminum wheel of new design (for export)
The wheel cover of new design adopts for the hatch-back.
????? & ? were abolished 181XE, became only 181XE/S.

1993 (1993) August 30th
??? in-house made model production end.

This information has been collected from various locations on the Internet, so there are bound to be some errors. Email Me with any corrections!

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