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Beru Performance Spark Plugs - Geo Storm/Isuzu Impulse/Lotus Elan M100

1 step colder: 200-225 Celsius / 392-437 Fahrenheit / 6-5 Thermal Rating UXF 56
Standard plug: 125-175 Celsius / 257-347 Fahrenheit / 9-7 Thermal Rating UXF 79

X-tremely powerful. X-tremely dependable. X-tremely reliable:
For x-treme demands: Beru Ultra-X The air-surface discharge spark plug with nickel sheathed copper core and 4 ground electrodes arranged in pairs in the form of an X provide maximum ignition reliability in all operating situations.

Beru Ultra-X the high performance spark plug.

Technical Features
Reliable ignition:
Double ignition reliability due to air-surface discharge technology Sparking improved by four earth electrodes arranged in pairs in an X-shape.

Optimal combustion due to protruding spark position ..Reliable cold starting:
Self-cleaning function due to variable sparking paths

Ideal operating temperature reached quickly due to conical insulator nose

Environmentally friendly:
Pollutant emissions minimised and catalytic converter protected due to effective combustion

Due to resistance to electrode erosion and interference suppression resistor

Good reasons to decide for the new Ultra-X the next time you replace spark plugs!
The multifunction principle for optimal ignition reliability: various principles of operation are available for the formation of the sparking path - air discharge, surface discharge and combined air-surface discharge. At the same time, the 4 ground electrodes are offset in height in pairs

Fits the following:
1990-93 Geo Storm SOHC
1990-93 Geo Storm GSi DOHC
1989 Isuzu I-Mark RS (1.6L DOHC)
1990-93 Isuzu Impulse XS and RS
1990-93 Isuzu Stylus S, XS, and RS
1993 Asuna Sunfire
1991-1993 Lotus Elan M100 (Turbo)
1991-1993 Lotus Elan SE (N/A)
$45 USD

Prices are for lower 48 US only unless otherwise noted.
Please email for International shipping quote.

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