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Short Shifter Installation Instructions

 Step 1. Lift up square patch of carpet in 'cup holder' and remove the two screws.
 Step 2. Remove the two screws on both the Driver and Passenger sides.
 Step 3. Remove Ash Tray and remove the two screws.
 Step 4. Remove climate control knobs
 Step 5. Remove shift knob by rotating 'Anti-clockwise' or 'Counter-clockwise'
 Step 6. Remove the climate control/radio bezel and lay on drivers side. Be careful not to pull the wiring too hard that is attached.
 Step 7. remove the center console by first lifting up the front and manuvering it over the shifter and then the Emergency brake. This maybe a little tricky at first.
 Step 8. Remove the pin and linkage first, then remove the nut on the shifter and linkage.
 Step 9. Remove the four bolts that secure the sh