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Short Shifter Installation Instructions

 Step 1. Lift up square patch of carpet in 'cup holder' and remove the two screws.
 Step 2. Remove the two screws on both the Driver and Passenger sides.
 Step 3. Remove Ash Tray and remove the two screws.
 Step 4. Remove climate control knobs
 Step 5. Remove shift knob by rotating 'Anti-clockwise' or 'Counter-clockwise'
 Step 6. Remove the climate control/radio bezel and lay on drivers side. Be careful not to pull the wiring too hard that is attached.
 Step 7. remove the center console by first lifting up the front and manuvering it over the shifter and then the Emergency brake. This maybe a little tricky at first.
 Step 8. Remove the pin and linkage first, then remove the nut on the shifter and linkage.
 Step 9. Remove the four bolts that secure the shifter to the center tunnel
 Step 10. Loosen nuts just enough to remove linkage connections. Try not to loosen both sides as you want to keep the locations as close as possible.
 Step 11. If applicable Remove the Rubber bumpers off of the stock shifter and add to the Short Shifter.

ReInstall Short Shifter and reassemble in Reverse order. On Step 8 of reassembly, there are 3 settings that you can select, depending on how much throw you want to reduce. The top hole is the stock throw, Center hole is about 15% reduction in throw, and the bottom hole is about 30% reduction in throw.
*It is recommended that a threadlock be used once the setting has been selected to insure that the bolt does not work it's way loose in the future.
If you have issues with the linkage interfering when shifting, or are unable to shift into certain gears, you will need to adjust the linkage connections in Step 10 above.

If you are experiencing trouble with the shifter poping out of gear, not going into gear, grinding gears, or you just installed a short throw shifter and need to adjust the cables, here is a quick tutorial to give you an idea of what it takes. This might not solve your particular issue as there might be other underlying problems such as a bad clutch/throwout bearing, or worn/damaged syncros in the transmission. Those are extreme, but do happen.
Shifter cable adjustment
You adjust the "Throw adjustment" nuts if you are having an issue with combo gears (1st -3rd - 5th) or (2nd - 4th - Reverse). What that means is if you are having issues with say, 1st and 3rd, and/or 5th, <<-----or----->> 2nd and 4th and/or reverse, you would make the adjustment here.

If you are having shifting problems with 1st TO 2nd <<----or---->> 2nd TO 3rd <<----or---->> 3rd TO 4th <<----or---->> 4th TO 5th Then you would need to adjust the "Quadrant adjustment" nuts.

One other thing, more than likely, you will need to adjust both just a little, but at least you will get the idea of where to start. Just move one at a time about 2mm at a time until you find where it works the best. The nuts are 19mm btw...
Disclaimer! As with all modifications made to your car with aftermarket parts, you should have them professionally installed.
I am not saying that you aren't qualified to do the installation, that is up to you--this is just my disclaimer so I don't get sued by someone that doesn't know what they are doing.
You know what you are doing, right? ;-)

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