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Geo Storm/Impulse Modifications

This is a list of most of the upgrades I have done sofar. The latest on the Engine swap and other timelines can be found on my Blog.
Since I don't like to waste anything, I will be dropping the Storm engine into the RS and making sure it runs, clean up some of the rust, then selling it. I plan on removing the AWD and keeping it and probably installing it into the Storm.
Click on any of these links for more info,

Engine Related

Engine/Turbo/Intercooler (DOHC) - The new engine
Engine Management - Haltech E6GMx NEW
Head/Intake/Exhaust Porting
Phenolic Intake Spacer Gaskets
Forged Pistons
Nitrous Oxide and a DIY nitrous parts list
Turbo Upgrade
Blow Off Valve (BOV)
Engine/Intake (SOHC) - The old engine




Quaife LSD and Transmission
Front & Rear Strut Tower Bars
Rear Swaybar & KYB-GR2 Struts
Tires & Wheels

The Complete List

1991 Geo Storm 2+2$2995

Engine RelatedCost
Isuzu Impulse RS Engine swap 1.6L DOHC$500
Bored out .030" over, Deck leveled, Magnafluxed$400
3-Angle Valve Job and honed$200
Custom Forged Ross racing pistons 9.35:1 CR$600
Forged crank, rods (stock)Came with engine
Customized TopLine main bearings$60
Ported everything -Intake Plenum, Secondary intake runner, Head, Exhaust Manifold, turbine housing, wastegate, O2 housingDIY or $600
Ceramic coated everything -Exhaust Manifold, turbine housing, turbo center cartridge, O2 housingDIY or $250
G11 Phenolic spacers (3)-Throttlebody to Secondary to head.$320
Custom Turbo manifold$300
Garrett T3/T4 Hybrid turbo .50AR $100 + $190 rebuild
Ford Thunderbird turbo (IHI RHB5) with heat wrap $150 + $60 rebuild kit
Custom built Manual boost controler (Home Depot!)$10
1st GEN DSM BOV$45
Front Mount Intercooler (Bar and Plate design) 27" x 9" x 2.75"$130 + $150 aluminum piping/silicone Couplers/Tbolt Clamps
Top mount intercooler Came with engine
Intercooler water mist cooler $15
All Aluminum Racing Radiator$140
Silicone radiator hoses$45
680cc Bosch fuel injectors $130
460cc RX7 fuel injectors $60
255LPH fuel Pump $70
3 BAR MAP sensor$60
Haltech E6GMx$600
Custom Stainless Steel 2.5" downpipe - with heat wrap$300
Modified Milan 2.5" custom downpipe - with heat wrap, has custom flange for 'test pipe' (Yes, it is a modified custom)$199
2.5" Magnaflow Cat $40
2.5" Custom Test Pipe that replaces the cat $40
2.5" custom cat-back--mandril bends, anti-corrosion coating $80
2.5" Magnaflow XL Performance muffler $80
NOS wet setup, 60 & 80shot $300
IMark RS cams and Hydraulic lifters$80
Polyurethane filled motor mounts$15
8mm Performance plug wires$50
NGK Spark plugs$10
Stainless steel oil catch can$30
Stainless steel coolant catch can$40

Drivetrane Related:
Quaife ATB LSD - Installed into Isuzu Stylus transmission$750
Clutch Specialties Stage 3 Clutch$320
GSi Axles (broke two sofar, trashed 2 other CV joints) $60 each
Custom short throw shifter $65

Suspension Related:
KYB-GR2 struts $250
KYB Strut mounts $60
Eibach Camber compensation kit $25
RTR Performance Coilovers - dropped 2.5" $179
GSi 15.5mm Rear Swaybar & Crossmember $70
Front and Rear custom Strut tower bars $150
Impulse XS Rear disk brake conversion $80
Cross Drilled/slotted rotors $149
EBC Green Stuff brake pads $60
Stainless Steel brake lines $100
DOT4 brake fluid$10
215/40ZR17 tires on Eagle Alloy Series 160 wheels$278 + $400 (Ebay)
205/55R14 Toyo RA1 Drag Radials$125 (ebay)

Bling Bling mods:
1990-1991 GSi rear spoiler Aluminum Wing (attracts rice haters) $10 $100
GSi side skirts $30
Impulse RS seats $100
Custom door inserts $60
Triple A-Pillar gauge pod $60
-30Hg/mm to +35psi Boost gauge $45
-30Hg/mm to +30psi Boost gauge $40
EGT gauge $45
A/F gauge $30
AEM Wideband Air/Fuel gauge$260
Engine bay temp gauge$10
Impulse RS Hood scoop (Functional!) $60
Tinted windows $100
Custom xenon 'HID' headlight conversion -Not Really HID, but it looks cool$30
GTI headlight and tail light blackouts - Took the headlight covers off...$70
Shaved all badges Free!
'ISUZU' license plate frames $15
KOSS am/fm CD player - Nothing works except the AM radio $35
TOTAL$13,755 and counting!

Geo Storm isuzu impulse performance parts