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1990-91 GSi Swaybar Conversion

Base crossmember and GSi Crossmember

I swapped out the base crossmember got the 1990-91 GSi crossmember which allowed me to add the GSi swaybar.

Installation took about 4 hours to swap everything out, clean up and go for a drive. I have to say, the KYB/Swaybar/Strut Bar/Coilover combination, the ride is so much better than anything I have driven sofar.
I decided to use the 1990-91 GSi swaybar because of it's thickness(15.5mm). The 1992-93 GSi swaybar is 12mm. I plan on testing them both out with the Gtech and at Autocross to see what tune works best with which driving style.
Here is a list of all of the Swaybar thicknesses I have collected:
YearMake/ModelFront SwaybarRear Swaybar
1990-93Base Storm17mmN/A
1990-91Storm GSi18mm15.5mm
1992-93Storm GSi18mm12mm
1990-93 (1.6L SOHC)Stylus S17mm13mm
1992-93 (1.6L DOHC)Stylus XS----
1993 (1.8L)Stylus RS----
1990-92 (1.6L DOHC)Impulse XS18mm16.5mm
1993 (1.8L)Impulse XS----
1991-92 (1.6L Turbo)Impulse RS--18mm

KYB-GR2 Nitrogen Gas Filled Struts

KYB-GR2 struts and Coilovers

KYB-GR2 Strut, shock and cartridge technology

1) Multi-stage valving
Multi-stage valve compression enables the shock to adjust to road conditions automatically. Under gentle road conditions, the valving allows the shock to travel freely for maximum ride comfort. As conditions get rougher, the shock is compressed faster. The valving responds instantly, to make the shock response firmer, maintaining tire contact and vehicle control.
2) Sintered iron pistons and guide rods
Sintered metal provides far greater strength than traditional metals, extending shock life and durability.
3) Micro-smooth, hardened/chromed piston rods
KYB has the smoothest hardened/chromed rods in the business for extra-long life and reliability.
4) Seamless cylinders and eye rings
Most shock cylinders & eye rings are made from flat metal and welded at the seam. KYB cylinders & eye rings are extruded as seamless cylinders, eliminating weak points created by welded seams.
5) Multi-lip seals / self-sealing packing
KYB uses a triple-lip oil seal to keep the oil in and contaminants out.
6) Patented check valve
KYB uses a special check valve to minimize foaming cause by the mix of oil and gas inside the shock. This helps maintain reliable performance, even under tough conditions.

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